What Is Psychological Impotence?

what is psychological impotence? Psychological Impotence is common mostly in YOUNG MEN, although it can happen to ANY man at ANY age. Common examples of who it affects are:

  • Guys having sex with a girl for the first time
  • Guys meeting new women after a divorce
  • Guys who start dating after ending a long-term relationship
  • Guys in relationships who suffer from stress or relationship issues

What Are the Major Symptoms of Psychological Impotence?

  • You avoid sex
  • You have a fear of having sex
  • You lack confidence in the bedroom
  • You doubt your sexual performance
  • You take a long time to get an erection
  • You feel stress leading up to the moment
  • You lose your erection in stressful situations

What Are the Primary Causes of Psychological Impotence?

  • Long periods without having sex
  • A general lack of sexual experience
  • Self-doubt about your sexual performance
  • First time having sex (with a new partner, or in general)
  • Comparing yourself to porn stars
  • Not being attracted to your partner
  • Your partner has a bad smell or poor hygiene
  • Communication problems with your partner (common for guys in relationships)

The Single Most Concerning Aspect of Psychological Impotence Is the Domino Effect!

After losing your erection once, most men become more anxious, which results in even more erection problems.

Eventually, you become so concerned and preoccupied about having sex that your stress, anxiety and tension stop you from getting or maintaining an erection.

That’s why Mental Impotence Healer is so effective…

This program was designed to help men, like you, who are embarrassed (or feel sexually inadequate) because of their psychological impotence. It’s based on a powerful combination of guided imagery therapy and brainwave music, which helps to release the worrisome thoughts you are feeling.

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