Alternative Treatments for Psychological Impotence

If you’re suffering from sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction, you have many options. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of professional therapy, pills, vacuum pumps and guided imagery….

Treating Erectile Problems with Professional Therapy

If you are dealing with stress or performance anxiety, a counselor or therapist can help you work through your issues. Therapy sessions can be quite expensive, however after a few detailed sexual discussions you should be able to determine the cause of your anxiety.

Your sessions are always confidential. However, the subject matter can be sensitive for many men. If you are not comfortable airing your sexual laundry, you could end up feeling embarrassed or become tight-lipped. If you are considering in-office counseling, be prepared to spend between $175 and $295 (USD) per session. Your therapy can become time-consuming and expensive. Assuming repeat sessions are required, it could be a major expense.

In comparison, Mental Impotence Healer's guided imagery treatment provides you with ultimate privacy and immediate access to similar professional guided imagery sessions at a substantially lower price. You would avoid the cost and time of travel and parking, and you should see similar results. With our full “unconditional” 100% money-back guarantee, we suggest that you try our program first. In many cases, it’s all men need.

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Doctor-Prescribed Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Most men who experience erectile problems think medication is the answer. However, erectile dysfunction medications are meant for people with physical (not psychological) erectile problems. Pills don’t fix the problem, they just cover it up. They are expensive and, if you’re taking a pill as a confidence boost every time you have sex, you’re likely to worsen your performance anxiety. In fact, you might need to keep taking them to get (and keep) an erection until you treat your performance anxiety.

They work by blocking PDE5, a chemical that causes blood to leave the penis. The pills help the penis muscles to relax, which increases blood flow. But you still need to be aroused to have an erection. So, if performance anxiety is so severe that it blocks arousal, then the pills won’t even work.

Of course, not all men are candidates for medication. If you have angina, diabetes or heart problems, you should avoid PDE5-blocking pills.

Common side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, dizziness, nasal congestion and back pain - all of which can certainly ruin the mood. Men taking pills have reported vision problems, hearing loss, amnesia, priapism, bleeding and seizure.

Serious interactions with other drugs can occur too. Definitely not good! So always check with your doctor first.

If you’re not squeamish, there is a drug that can be injected into the shaft of your penis. It takes about 15 minutes to work, but is certainly effective at creating an erection.

We believe that guided imagery is a safer alternative to medication. On average, pills will cost you $3 each time you have sex. When compared to the $37 for Mental Impotence Healer, after 12 sexual encounters the program pays for itself. Coupled with the fact that pills won’t treat the root cause, only your symptoms ... and the many nasty side effects you may experience ... we recommend guided imagery as your first line of treatment.

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Vacuum Pumps Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Vacuum pumps are an effective way to get an erection. A plastic cylinder is placed over your penis, and using a pump, air gets sucked out of the cylinder, forcing blood into your penis. A ring is then placed at the bottom of your shaft to keep you erect.

It does work, but sex becomes less spontaneous. Men complain that the ring is a constant reminder of their predicament.

Keep in mind, not all penis vacuum pumps are FDA-approved. Although they are priced between $59 and $159 (USD), for safety reasons it’s best to select a high-quality FDA approved model.

However, before you invest in this quick and not-so-spontaneous fix, try guided imagery. Even if the vacuum pump helps you enjoy a fully erect penis, you won’t be dealing with the true cause of your anxiety.

Unless you do, you may need to use the vacuum pump each and every time you want to have a sexual encounter. In our opinion, there’s really no comparison to guided imagery, which could leave you free to enjoy a spontaneous, uninhibited, normal sex life.

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