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By joining Mental Impotence Healer, you can earn 75% of the profits on every sale that you refer! That's right: you earn more than we do when you refer a sale (we get the remaining 25%).

The Mental Impotence Healer program currently costs $37 which means you earn $25 per referral! (Clickbank takes some money off the top.) If you are already experienced with Clickbank, you can use the code below to refer visitors to our site. You must replace "CLICKBANKID" with your own unique Clickbank ID in order to get credit for the visitors that you send.

Become our Clickbank Affiliate

If you are new to Clickbank, you can create your affiliate account easily with the following link for free:

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How Much Money Can You Earn As An Affiliate?

As written earlier, you can make up to $25 for each "conversion" that you refer. A "conversion" means sale. It's important to realize you only get paid when you refer a sale!

This is why it's so important to send targeted traffic and to "pre-sell" to the prospective customer on the value of the Mental Impotence Healer Program (and our program really does work. It has been created after one of the founders had the problem. To be honest, we believe this to be a far better product than most ClickBank products as far as quality & originality).

An Example:

If you refer just 4 sales per day, you would earn over $35,000 a year! Not so bad, huh? It's easy to see how being an affiliate for our product could literally be your full-time job.
If you become our main "super affiliate" and send 8 sales a day, you would earn over $70,000 a year!

We will not pretend that it is easy to make 8 sales a day, but it is possible with hard work and much planning. The sexual market is absolutely huge, which means there's really very little limit on how much money you can make as our affiliate. Think about this: 1 of every 5 American men has psychological impotence, which means he tried to get laid but couldn't because he was too stressed.

Clickbank pays every two weeks, and it is one of the most secure payment systems we have ever known.

Why should you become a Mental Impotence Healer Affiliates?

The statistics show that 20% of American men suffer from psychological impotence (which is the easiest impotence type to heal). That means 1 of every 5 men in America wasn't able to have sex because of stress in the bedroom. It is mostly common with young men (and if you are open with your friends, one of them must have told you a similar story).

That means your potential crowd is TENS OF MILLIONS, and that’s only in America! What about the United Kingdom? What about Australia? Germany?

Just think about the endless amount of men wanting to have sex but they are too stressed, and every day this amount GROWS because more men are becoming sexually mature.

What guy wouldn't take the magic pill that will change his sex life? What guy wouldn't want to have sex?

And every guy you help is worth $25 for you!

Regardless of the huge selling potential and the high conversion rate, the Mental Impotence Healer has very few refunds simply because our program works.

The Mental Impotence Healer Program Background

Mental Impotence Healer is a program that runs for 30 days. During this period, the client will be engaged in guided imagery sessions that re-program his mind in order to diminish sexual performance anxiety.

Combined with Relaxing Theta Brainwaves, this digitally recorded program is guaranteed to eliminate one’s psychological impotence or sexual anxiety forever.

Recommended Marketing Techniques

Nowadays, there are a million ways to reach a customer. You can go marketing our product traditionally or you can get on the Internet and showcase how this program will be beneficial to them.
There are several ways available for you to market Mental Impotence Healer. Some options require you to cash out some dollars while others are offered free (but are still as effective as those for-pay methods).
The best way that we recommend to market our product is through article marketing. In this method, you will need to produce or write your own articles using keywords that can point to our product. The Internet offers resources and tools that can help you in marketing our product through this way, such as Google’s free keyword tool and article sites like, or
Another option is the PPC (Pay per Click) method with Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing Ads, OutBrian or many other PPC engines. With PPC you can write text ads, create your own banners, or use our premade banners from the Graphics Page.
If you venture into article marketing to sell the program, you can make use of Social Bookmarker to gain more page views on your articles.
You can also opt to do a product review of our program. This is also an effective way of advertising online as it presents the benefits of our product based on true human experience. This method of marketing the product creates a more intimate picture for the customer as he can clearly see if the product will work for him or not.
Forum marketing and blog commenting can also be used to sell Mental Impotence Healer. Like what its name implies, this method involves you joining forums related to our product or those that are frequently visited by our possible customers. Using signatures with our link is how interested individuals can know more about our program.
There are many other marketing methods available. You can use Facebook (Fan Page or PPC ads), Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, write on your own blog or any other creative method you can think about!

Contacting Us

If you got are any questions regarding our affiliate program you may contact us using the Email Address below.


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