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The use of guided imagery therapy may be unfamiliar to you; however, it has been studied (and used) for over three decades. 

Although scientists are only beginning to understand the power of our mind, the positive results of using guided imagery have been demonstrated in various studies over the year.

To put you at ease, below you’ll find a few studies relating to the treatment of anxiety and psychological erectile dysfunction.

  • Research conducted by Professor K. Kuruvilla (in 1984) found that 70% of men treated with guided imagery and sexual re-education succeeded in overcoming their mental impotence, and were able to get an erection whenever they wanted to. Professor Kuruvilla was the Head Unit of Department of Psychiatry, Christian Medical College in Vellore, India. He conducted several research studies on this particular treatment. He noted the long-term results of those who completed the treatment are found to be encouraging.
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  • Discover why guided imagery is commonly used by many alternative medicine practitioners and medical doctors. How it’s been used to help with cancer, to solve emotional problems and to reduce anxiety and stress, and that it is often considered a form of hypnotherapy because it uses a series of image suggestions along with breathing and relaxation techniques.

  • This article about guided imagery was written by Dr. Tian Dayton. It talks about the research done when treating depression and anxiety, as well as with chemotherapy patients. It discusses how guided imagery has lasting effects, how it has reduced the length of hospital stays, and how it has helped people enjoy a better quality of life. Dr. Dayton talks about how he uses guided imagery to treat depression, anxiety and somatic issues related to trauma and codependency.
    The Huffington Post, "Reduce Anxiety and Depression with Guided Imagery", Dr Tian Dayton, 08/01/2011

  • Guided imagery is a form of hypnotherapy. This article talks about how it’s used to heal the body from the inside out. It discusses how peaceful and euphoric deep breathing, imagery, visualization and positive suggestions can be, and how this “spring cleaning for the mind” can release negative thoughts, perceptions and behaviors.
    Imadulation, "Guided Imagery Studies"


The beauty of guided imagery is that NO negative effects have been reported. It helps the majority of people overcome their anxiety, and those who don’t see results are no worse for the wear.

Stop feeling traumatized about losing your erection. Our guided imagery program was designed to help you get back your sexual pleasure and control. We understand that you might feel skeptical, but you have nothing to lose, except possibly your sexual anguish. If this program doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

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